Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured.
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Jessica Rabbit lips

Jessica Rabbit lips


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A Reminder

There’s a richness in your soul,
a softness that can’t be measured or described.
There’s a deepness in your laugh,
a sweetness that can’t be tasted or captured.
There’s a brilliance in your eyes,
that can’t be reflected or dulled.

There is beauty in your life,
beauty that can’t be remembered.
So write it. Draw it. Take it in and absorb it.
The universe grows inside you, nurturing you.
Let it carry you,
through pain,
through joy,
through loneliness.

Let it lift you through the years,
wrapped around you like ivy growing soft and slow.
Let it open your eyes,
and sing in your ears.

Beauty is all around you, growing within you.
Don’t shut it out.

You are not just a person,
you carry the world within you.

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